Two-room salons with kitchen and W.C.

Conexes and prefabricated constructions

Parlo industrial Group, with more than three decades experience, utilizes the latest technologies and facilities in producing Conexes, rooms, large prefabricated constructions owning more than 1,000,000 m2 capacities per year. The Group is honored to sign a lot of contracts with Iranian and foreign great gas, oil, industrial, constructional, road construction, and installations companies.


1)	Official (conference and meeting rooms)
2)	Residential
3)	Educational
4)	clinical
5)	Sentry boxes
6)	Security centers
7)	Constructional workshops
8)	Dormitory
9)	Portable Toilets and Bathrooms
10)	Restaurants


1)	Resistant to the earthquake 
2)	Easy and fast installation
3)	Easy and repeatable transportation capability
4)	Quick accommodation of people in time of unexpected events
5)	Suitable for being used in cold and topical reigns 
6)	Beauty and diversity in colors and interior plans for constructing

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