Pre-painted metallic Sheets

pre-painted metallic sheets

pre-painted metallic sheets Parlo industrial Group, as the first private producer of all kinds of pre-painted sheets, which utilizes the most modern European equipment has the ability to paint Galvanized, Aluminum, and Aluinc coils with different colors, thicknesses from 0.15 to 1 mm, and width from 450 – 1500 mm. the pre-painted sheets with the coverage of Polyester, Epoxy, and P.V.D.F is resistance to all kinds of weather conditions specially to humid one, and it doesn`t lose its primary fine quality during roll forming. Moreover, it is possible to produce the embossed pre-painted coils; therefore, the Group is unique in Iran.

Main Applications:

1)	Construction industry: walls and roofs of storages, workshops, official complexes, clinics, prefabricated ceilings, internal and external views of buildings
2)	Household Appliances: external bodies of refrigerators, water heaters, ovens, washing machines, etc.
3)	Steel industry: cabinets, official equipment, partitions, bodies of computers, etc.
4)	Transportation industry: producing of containers, cold-storages, fixed and portable caravans, etc.

General Features:

1)	Resistance to UV
2)	Adherence to the foam
3)	Forming and bending capability
4)	Resistance to being plaster (chalking)
5)	Corrosion resistance 


1)	Economic advantages
2)	Stability and beauty
3)	Environment-friendly

The productions are checked precisely by the quality control unit and tested according to the following international standards:

1)	Bending test
2)	Impact test
3)	Salt Spray test
4)	Pencil Hardness test
5)	Glossy test

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